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The flag of Azerbaijan was created in the beginning of the 20th century by the poet Ali Bey Hussein Zade, adoped by the Musavat party, and undertook as state flag for the independent Azerbaijan on 25th of August in 1918. As the Red Army in 1920 occupied the land, was inroduced for the Azerbaijani Socialistic Soviet Republic a red flag with golden initials, and maintained in this form until the creation of the Trans Caucasian Federation under inclusion of Azerbaijan in the year 1922. From 1922 till 1936, was valid the flag of the Federation, as well a red flag. It was not dissimilar to the flag of Soviet Russia between 1918 and 1924. The star with hammer and sickle in it, was positioned in the leech of the flag, and in a semicircle around it the initials of the Federation. After the end of the federation Azerbaijan joined the USSR, and undertook a flag, how used by all Soviet Republics from 1937, red flags with golden initials, added by hammer, sickle and star in gold. In the year 1952 was adoped a new flag. It was a draft of the painter K. M. A. Kjazimzade, and was monochrome red with a narrow, horizontal blue stripe on the underneath border, which stood for the Caspian Sea. Nearby the flagpole the flag showed in the middle of the red stripe in gold the symbols of communism, hammer, sickle and five-jagged star.

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